Debunking misconceptions around outsourcing IT services

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Debunking misconceptions on outsourcing IT services

Debunking misconceptions around outsourcing IT services

The fast-paced nature of technology necessitates more and more businesses to outsource their information technology services (a critical business asset) if they are to stay ahead of the curve.

Choosing not to outsource IT services may come to your business’ detriment (for a host of reasons including an increased likelihood of unexpected downtime, greater security threats, uncovered efficiency gains, and missed innovation). Yet, misconceptions around outsourcing may be enough of a deterrent not to further explore a potential collaboration with what is sometimes known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). This blog post details what you can gain from establishing an IT partnership, specifically with us, as experienced providers that go beyond a help desk style IT service.


Misconception 1

There will be misunderstandings, and an outsourced specialist is not as invested in my business needs

At ITP Solutions, our holistic approach means that we don’t solely rely on off-the-shelf fixes and so we really get to delve deeper into identifying solutions truly fit for purpose. We really get to know your business from the outset to get to the crux of what suite of solutions you require and stay with you through implementation (from initial consultation) and beyond (aftercare),

The length of time that some of our staff have worked for us is unrivalled (some working with us for 30+ years). This makes us very well versed in your needs, as they undoubtedly shift over time.


Misconception 2

What if I have an in-house IT team already?

With strong channels of communication, your in-house and out-of-house IT team can work in tandem, complementing one another rather than duplicating efforts. Simply, we act as an extension to your in-house team, a working partnership, rather than expecting you to hand over all the power of your operations!


Misconception 3

By working with an IT partner, my sensitive information could be compromised

Naturally, we are bound by agreements that protect your information, but we are also specialists in storing and protecting our clients' files. We’re accredited Cyber Essentials certifiers too which adds an extra layer to how seriously we take privacy issues. We can also share the knowledge and help you and your team become accredited.


Misconception 4

Third party IT services can’t differentiate that much, can they?

Different third parties have different niches and specialisms. For example, ITP Solutions are leading the way in the Highlands & Islands for Microsoft Power BI. With us administering this service, we’ve found that our clients appreciate getting more granular, up to date information at the touch of a button.


Misconception 5

Outsourcing my IT needs won’t actually save me time, money and stress

Actually, that is our primary objective!

If, or when IT services are handed over to a third party, the intention can sometimes be a ‘quick fix’ to immediate needs, until a more permanent way of working is firmed up.

This can lead to IT issues being remedied with patchwork solutions that could, in reality be more time consuming and costly. It could also make implementing a strategized plan less likely, which can heighten stress.


What next?

Now that you have debunked the myths, let’s create that B2B partnership - get in touch to kick off outsourcing your IT services.

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